You Are Here

You Are Here?

What Will This New Column Be About? I…Promise to Know By The End Of This Post?

Friends, readers, fans, random stalkers. I’m so very happy to announce that I’m going to be writing a regular column on Medium starting…oh shit…today??!

A column about what you ask? Great question. I’m glad you asked. I appreciate the question, and I appreciate you asking it. It’s an important thing for us to talk about things like this… in times like these…to address the situation… with everything going on. And to be open to that dialogue, those…courageous conversations, is just so vital. Just so, so vital. And you asking “a column about what?” is a great way to get that important dialogue started, and I appreciate you for that.

Oh wait actually I just figured it out. It’s this: Your literal humanity is, at this point, a question. And I don’t think I’m kidding. How you respond to this moment, this call for survival, this call for love, this call for hate, this call to ignore or embrace your own suffering, your own grief, the suffering and grief of others, your own healing the healing of everyone around you, the people you love and the people you fear, the self you protect, and the self you abandon…the way you answer that call, that’s where your humanity either does or doesn’t survive this. In a cosmic sense the stakes are fairly unimportant. One planet around one sun in a galaxy of four billion suns, in a universe of four billion galaxies. But as it happens, scale has never justified detachment. We are here. I am here and you are here. Therefore we matter to each other. In a human sense things are exactly as important as they’ve ever been.

I was out in the sticks recently and the whole shit looked like this

So a column about what? Short meditations on how I try to keep my humanity in tact in a word that does not seem to want to help with that. A brief story about the woods, or a prison, or a teenager. Maybe something I saw on Twitter and what it made me feel. Maybe a sky under which no one can breathe. Maybe a dream in which Lil Uzi Vert pulled up next to me in a Jeep on the freeway, winked at me and told me I was doing ok. (Actually I probably won’t write about that one, there actually isn’t much more to say about it. It was just…what I needed to hear)

Anyway please tune in. I have just decided, literally in this sentence, that the column is to be called “You Are Here”

Some people pray. I write. Quietly offering words into an abyss hoping something good happens; basically the same idea.

Join me.

See you soon.


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